About Us

Our venture began in June 2004 literally from a dream. We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and are truly proud to be one of the few US based pet product manufacturers. Many of our products are eco-friendly utilizing reclaimed and reusable components in our processes. In 2006, we received a U.S. Patent for our signature ‘bone-shaped’ pet feeder and have continually added new designs and additional products to our line. As the popularity or our products grew, we began offering them to retailers across the country. We believe in offering high quality products at affordable prices for pampered pets!

Our ‘pet family’ includes Boomer-10 year old lab, Phineas-5 year old ‘career change’ Guide Dog and Snickers-our rescued Beagle/Chihuahua cross.

For us, our pets bring us so much joy and love. And we know their time with us on earth is short, so we think they deserve to be pampered. And what better way to do so, than with the products we make for them.

We hope your pets will enjoy our items just as much as ours have. Thanks to all the pets that helped us launch what literally started from a dream, into an exciting business.